Shipping is $1.50 for anywhere in the continential US, no matter how many CDs you get.

    A Day for Nyla

The CD is a professionally pressed audio CD (not a CD-R) with hand-silkscreened (by yours truly) packaging which I happen to think turned out looking pretty spiffy.

A Day for Nyla (source CD)

Contains the source audio files for "A Day for Nyla"

The CD is a CD-R, painstakingly hand-labeled in my "rushed script" font. It comes in a durable heat-resistant (well not really) economical plastic polymer case. Seriously, if you're expecting anything approaching the coolnes of the above audio CD, you're way off.


1) Send me a check or money order for the total amount, and I'll send you the stuff back. Also include a letter saying what you want (duh). If you're ordering a source CD, let me know what OS you're running.

Joshua Csehak
707 Ronald Ave
Missoula, MT 59801

2) Send the money to my Paypal account:

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