"Open source" means that the source audio (as in separate tracks and different takes, etc.) are freely available to the public. This means that you can remix the stuff till your hands go carpal. The source files are in Pro Tools format (which is a bunch of aiff files and a small Pro Tools file that organizes them). Why Pro Tools? Because a) you can go to Digidesign's web site and download a version for free, and b) if you don't want to use Pro Tools you can bring the aiff files into your preferred audio editing program with no trouble at all. The only restrictions are that you a) give the original artist credit where it's due, and b) make your work and it's source available for free. Also, let me know about it! Maybe I'll even make a section on this site for other people's remixes.

Source Audio

    A Day for Nyla

buy the music CD: $5
buy the source CD: $5
download the source- free:
     dawn : .sit 60 MB
     daylight : .sit 64 MB
     twilight : .sit 49 MB
     dusk : .sit 21 MB
     night : .sit 49 MB
     dawn_II : .sit 115 MB

The source uses .aif files for the audio. You'll need Stuffit to unpack the .sit archives.

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