Joshua Csehak

A Day for Nyla

This is my first CD. It can be described as a cross between Moby and William Orbit. People seem to like "Twilight" best, so check that one out if you only feel like listening to one. Of course, to get the full effect, you've got to hear the whole album. And chill.
   More stuff I've done, like some writing and stuff can be found on my website.

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    A Day for Nyla

1. Dawn
[.mp3 .ogg]
2. Daylight
[.mp3 .ogg]
3. Twilight
[.mp3 .ogg]
4. Dusk
[.mp3 .ogg]
5. Night
[.mp3 .ogg]
6. Dawn
[.mp3 .ogg]

price: $5
(+$1.50 shipping, per order)
The CD is a professionally pressed audio CD (not a CD-R) with hand-silkscreened (by yours truly) packaging which I happen to think turned out looking pretty spiffy.

what people are saying about "A Day for Nyla:"

"...very beautiful and contemplative... vocals [in the last song] give a sense of a middle-eastern call to prayer. It's like a poem. I think it's perfect."
                                                            -my friend Teresa

   After listening to the demo:
"I took a quick listen and it's better than most of the stuff I hear on commercial radio and the web, but would I play it over and over? Probably not."
   A month later:
"I've been listening to 'Nyla' just about every day since I downloaded it. It's the best album I've heard this year.
                                                            -my friend Vafa

"cooler than the other side of the pillow"

A Day for Nyla (source CD)

Contains the source audio files for "A Day for Nyla"

price: $5
(+$1.50 shipping, per order)
The CD is a CD-R, painstakingly hand-labeled in my "rushed script" font. It comes in a durable heat-resistant (well not really) economical plastic polymer case. Seriously, if you're expecting anything approaching the coolnes of the above audio CD, you're way off.

or download it for free

Dry Long So

This is my 0th CD. I started it before "Nyla," and finished it just after. I don't have any plans at the moment to get it professionally duplicated (gotta make the money back from "Nyla" first, and by then my 2rd will probably be finished), but for now, here it is.

Dry Long So

01. Been Down So Long
02. Masked in Sunshine
03. Shooting Star Blues
04. On a Wedding Anniversary
05. Shake it Mama
06. So Long Lisa
07. Bird
08. Defeat
09. Sufferage
10. A Million Ways
11. Cause the Rain
12. Sun on the Lake
13. Killing Time
14. On a Wedding Anniversary Dub

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