Okay, enough of this 3rd-person charade. I started Root Records so I could have a label to release my work under. I had always wanted to release it for free, but I'd also always wanted to make enough money at it so I wouldn't have to work anywhere else. The open source movement in the software community has proven, among other things, that it's possible to give the digital version of your product away for free and still make enough money from the sale of the physical medium that contains your product to stay in business. So I decided to try and adapt it to music. Here's hoping it works!


Q. Why should I buy a CD when I can just download it for free?
1) The packaging in every Root Records release is a major part of the listening experience. You shouldn't miss out. 2) The CD sounds better. 3) With your support, the musicians can pay their rent and buy food, which means they have to work at "normal" jobs less, so they have more time to make music. 4) Most importantly, if freeing your music turns out to be profitable and major labels see this, then sooner or later they'll make their recordings freely available also.

Q. I dig a riff in song X. Can I sample it without asking permission?
A. Yes, if you follow the restriction outlined in the OSML: basically, give the original artist credit where it's due and make the work available for download for free.

Q. What if I want to sample your song and not make my song free?
A. I'm a big proponent of sampling. You must get permission, but there's a 99% chance I'll give it with no fee.

Q. I make music and want to release it under the OSML. Can I do that?
A. Yes!!! Just follow the directions in the license. You don't need to pay any fee or ask permission or anything. Just do it! If you do, let me know and I'll add a link to your music from this site.

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