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Streaming [rough draft]

Here's the latest song I've been working on. At least, the latest that's been recorded. One of the reasons I started doing this song-a-day thing is that I read that Moby makes something like 300 songs a year and we only end up hearing like 5% of them. Ostensibly, that's because the rest suck (so he says). But I was thinking, I'd like to listen to them. I probably wouldn't buy them, but if they're gonna just sit in his vault, why not publish them on the web for free? Maybe some will strike a chord with some people?
   So that's what I'm doing here, documenting the work I do. With that in mind, here's the first draft of a song I've been working on all week.

Streaming [ .mp3 .ogg ]


Live Shows

A Day for Nyla is the kind of CD that until recently, couldn't be performed live, both for aesthetic reasons (it was conceived as a recorded work, not a performed one) and technological ones (there wasn't any software written that could do what I needed to make a live performance a worthwhile thing—i.e. so it didn't sound like I just put the CD in a player and hit "play"). So I figured I'd never be performing it. Except I've lately gotten a couple offers to play it live, which in conjunction with hearing about some new software out that fits my needs, has convinced me to get off my ass and get in the clubs.
   Here's where you come in. I spent all my money on studio equipment and the manufacturing of "A Day for Nyla," which leaves nothing left over for a laptop. So for the time being, the possibility of me doing live show is going to depend on the generosity of you, the listener. I figure, if "A Day for Nyla" is the kind of music you'd like to hear live, you can let me know by making a donation to the "Live Performance Fund" here. Donate however much you want, and I'll do something cool for you later on.


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