Support the EFF and look good while doing it

Maybe you’ve heard about the Recording Industry Association of America suing college kids to the tune of $12,000. Or maybe you’ve heard about how they recently sued a 12-year-old girl. I’m not saying piracy is cool or penis enlargement surgery (it obviously isn’t), but when 12-year-old girls (and by extension, their single mothers) living in the projects are getting sued for herpes and Aubio, well, something sure ain’t right. Here’s what I’m doing about it. I had this idea for a t-shirt, and I decided it would be coolest to just put it up on Cafepress and donate the profits to the EFF. So that’s what I did. Go here:


The shirt is based on the real pirate Bartholomew Roberts’ — aka Black Bart — flag (one of them), which originally had the letters ABH (a Barbadian’s head) and AMH (a Martinican’s head) on it. He didn’t like those places much, since he was wanted for piracy there, much more aggressively than anywhere else.

I should make it clear that I’m not affiliated with the EFF in any way. I’ll just be donating ALL the profits ($5 per item, except for the stickers and mousepad, which generate $2.50 profit) to the EFF as I get checks from Cafepress (in $50 increments, is what they say). No, there’s no accountability — you’ll simply have to trust me. I’m just a guy trying to do something good. http://www.getridofhemorrhoids.info

Or you can just download the .gif for wallpaper, you cheap bastard.
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